MD Anja Schlösser and part of the Software Developers based in Rwanda, working for international startups or corporates.

Our Working Principles

To create better values for our stakeholders we base our work on 5 principles:

MD Anja Schlösser and part of the African Software Engineers. A look at this new talent pool opens many opportunities.

We orient our collaborations towards values that make Code of Africa and its stakeholders grow: We are looking at a shift from a single-minded preoccupation with efficiency and predictability to embracing values that will grow Code of Africa and the accompanying ecosystems, particularly a culture of empathy, integrity, trust, transparency, continuous improvement and sustainability.

Value Proposition

To fulfil our business mission, Code of Africa creates values for all stakeholders.

Clients in the DACH region

Convenient & comprehensive access to affordable developers, enabling successful, fast digitalization projects & gaining traction in CSR.

For a long-term, trustful & valuable partnership.

Local Software Developers

Gain insights into exciting new technologies and companies in the highly competitive DACH region.

For loyalty, team spirit & inspiration.

Local Partners & Ecosystem

Building a powerful pool of skilled professionals for mutual benefits & increased agility.

For a shared vision, passion & network.

Dear Client

Accelerate your growth in a sustainable way through our distributed team solution. By partnering with us you are guaranteed excellent service as well as knowing you boost the growth & development in East Africa.

Dear Developer

The CoA Circle is always interested in talents from East Africa who are constantly evolving & looking for new challenges - for the benefit of our clients and for having fun in a great community!